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Why Choose Us?
If you're reading this we must have sparked some interest with you somehow. So, how do we convince you to trust our experience? Hopefully reading a little bit more about us will increase your confidence and encourage you to make a decision.

Wish Financial Designs has been around since 2006 and over those years we have changed our name a few times to closely align what with the services we provide. Although there have been changes in our name our commitment to providing honest work and doing it with a high level of Integrity has never changed.

Our Values
You, our client, are valued very highly. The reality is that when your making money we're making money. If we can't do that then we haven't held ourselves to the highest standards possible. Read below how some of our core values have helped us achieve our goals.
Customer Service
We believe in a high level of customer service both internally and externally. The reality of providing top notch service to you before you're our client and then continue that high level of service after is important to us.
Award Winning
Award Winning Seriously? We haven't won any awards for the work we have done. Although, we would like to think that our work may win you some awards. We also think the most rewarding thing is helping you succeed.
Integrity Lion We believe and understand in having a high level of Integrity. Our clients are important to us and their information stays confidential with us. We also believe in abiding to laws and regulations and helping your business do the same.
Testimonials - Reviews
Many Reviews We have several clients that have left us reviews on our Google Places page on the internet.,
Our Commitment
We commit to provide you with the best possible methods of saving money while we help you start, build and grow your business. Let us help you make a commitment to change. We can help you do the day to day busy work so that you can focus on what you like to do.
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