DCAA (Defence Contract Audit Agency)

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What is the DCAA?
Chances are if your reading this you already know who they are and maybe a little bit about what they do. Simply put they are a government agency that Audits contractors that receive government funding for government contracts.

What does the DCAA do?
On occasion the government contracting officer from the agency in which you received your Federal Contract from will contract with the DCAA to review or audit your proposed costs to verify that they are “reasonable” and “allocable”. The audit is often conducted at your place of business and you will be asked a series of questions; for instance “How do you calculate your Indirect Rates?” Such questions and others can cause clients stress and unless we help in most situations it can mean a loss of a contract and or future contracts. We have experience with their questions, procedures, methods and practices..

Our Commitment to you:
  • We are familiar with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Part 31 dealing with the cost accounting principles imposed on Federal Contractors. We help you become familiar with it so you are spending and tracking your contract costs correctly.
  • We help you organize your current accounting software or help you setup Quickbooks Pro software to help assist in passing a DCAA accounting system audit. We bring you up to date on job costing and indirect rate reporting and calculating.
  • If you have recently been through an audit and have received deficiencies for Floor Checks, CAS violations or simply your accounting system than we help you put it all on track.
  • FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
    pdf In Part 31 of FAR is where you'll find most details for Allowable costs and disallable costs for your contracts.
    CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)
    NARA The CFR is a very large book of codes. This is also very helpful piece of information that can take a lot of time to sort through. See link below.
    DCAA Here is an option to see for yourself more details about the DCAA through Wikipedia.
    DCMA The DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) many times works in conjunction with the DCAA. To learn more click below.
    To Learn More...
    Allow us an opportunity to visit with you about your government contracts and how we can help you pass the Audit! We are fine with signing NDA's so there is no confidential information shared outside your business. Contact us for a free Estimate.

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