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Wish Financial Designs is dedicated to supporting an general question through our web-site. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions regarding our services or general questions about Windows Networking, the DCAAA, Quickbooks Bookkeeping and we'll do our best to post those general questions and our answers to them here.

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Question: How long does an Audit with the DCAA take?
Posted on 07. July. 2010 by admin

This depends on how ready you are for their Audit. If it is your first time there will be extensive work done to check your accounting system, the way you track costs on the contract, what time keeping methods you use etc. This Could take a couple of weeks.

If it is not your first but they find deficiencies in your methods of tracking the contract it may take extra time to fix these issues. Now, on the other hand if you have all your ducks in a row and are ready to answer the questions they'll fire at you it could be a matter of days. I say days because most auditor's have more than one company on their plate and they seem to take their time signing off on the paperwork.

Question: When my computer sounds like its going to take off like a Jet what does that mean?
Posted on 05.Aug.2010 by admin

Essentially two things, your case is probably to small and there isn't enough are flow and/or your CPU is too hot and the fan has kicked up the RPM's on the fan to dissipate the heat faster.

To solve the problem you can either buy a new computer (Expensive option), replace the Heat sync on the CPU with something bigger and more adjustable, or get a larger case with more air flow. It all depends on cost, CPU type, and how old the computer is. Either way you'll want to do something or you be doing option one fairly soon as your CPU may overheat and die. Heat shorten's the life of all computer components.

Question: Is there really someone there that can help me start a business, maintain financial records, and setup a computer network... all in from one company?
Posted on 31.Aug.2010 by admin

Short and sweet answer, YES, we can do it all here.

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